Chef Drea

Executive Chef/Owner

Meet Chef Drea!

Chef Andrea Prevo began her professional culinary career after graduating from the Texas Culinary Academy in 2009. Over the last decade, Chef Drea has cooked in a variety of environments such as Professional Athletic Stadiums, Hotels, Fine Dining Restaurants, Walt Disney, and was honored to hold the Executive Chef position for San Antonio Spurs brand.

In 2016, Chef Drea stepped out on faith and started Flavor of Favor Catering specializing in private catering, custom baking, and serving pick-up hotplates from home. In every way imaginable, Chef Drea wanted to use her God-Given gift to Bless Bellies.

Chef Drea’s cooking style can be described as a “Cultural Melting Pot, Blending Flavors & Cultures from North & South of the Mason Dixon Line with roots spreading from Chicago, Florida, Alabama & Texas.

Just Down Right, Feel Good Food!! Makes you want to hug somebody.

Having the skill and ability to turn nothing into something, Chef Drea is able to elevate an ingredient that would normally be found lingering in the back and make it rise to the occasion, break the box, and steal the show. Just like ingredients, Chef Drea continues to grow and elevate and is now walking into the next phase of her journey with the birth of Southern Grit.

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